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How I Mine For Fish?

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Not quite mining for fish, but since this story involves both mining and fishing, well, I couldn't resist! NHN has announced today that they will be introducing both mining and fishing tradeskills to Karos Online in the next Closed Beta event.

In addition to today's announcement, we've also received nine new screenshots of  the mining and fishing gameplay, available in our Karos Online gallery.

Details on the two new tradeskills are available below:

Once trained in Fishing, players can use fishing rods to fish in dedicated bodies of water in the world of Asmara. A variety of fish can be caught that may be sold to merchants, used as crafting ingredients or traded to the Fishmonger NPC in return for a chance to win special and Fletta Gem items through a lottery system.

Armed with Mining picks, players can dig in designated areas to find many different ores and gems that can be sold to vendors or used to craft weapons, armour and other items.Fletta Gem Shards can also be mined and used for crafting powerful Fletta Gem items that evolve with your character. The mine areas are also central to guild-vs-guild PvP, and subject to weekly takeovers by enterprising guilds.

Karos Online is currently in Closed Beta, though the date for the next beta event is not yet known, though we are told it should be announced "very soon". Players who have been invited to any of the closed beta events are automatically included in future ones, as well. Karos Online is set to launch in English in Q4 2009, with German and Turkish versions to follow at a later time.

For more information or to sign up for the Closed Beta, check out the official Karos Online website here.


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