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How Elder Scrolls Online Devs are Improving the Guild System

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The Elder Scrolls Online site has been updated with a new blog post that showcases some of the changes coming to the Guild System with Update 22. Unlike other games, in ESO, players can "join up to five different 500-player Guilds," the post reads. Each guild can be centered on roleplaying, trading, crafting or any other game pursuit. However, finding the right guild has been a challenge and is what devs are hoping to streamline in Update 22.

The new UI for finding a guild is making the search more intuitive by adding filters to find the right theme. These filters include: Trading, Group PvE, Roleplaying, Social, PvP, Questing, and Crafting. Choosing one of the filters displays available guilds, though players can also drill down further into what they're looking for by adding other modifiers such as "Balanced, Casual, or Hardcore". 

It's not all about finding a guild either. Guild officers have new and better tools for recruitment as well. 

When creating a new listing, you can set your primary and secondary focus, in addition to additional activities, roles, Champion Point requirements (if any) play style, and more.

“Your Guild’s focus plays a huge factor in how someone will discover it,” explains Weir. “When looking for a guild, the initial categorization is based on guild focuses so that players can really zero in on the type of guild they’re looking for. After that, your headline is then your next opportunity to stand out within the list of Guilds, so think about what the best way is to encourage people to dive into your Guild’s listing.”

If you're a budding guild member or guild master, head on over to the Elder Scrolls Online site to check out the details.


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