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Horror MMORPG Requiem Online Opens Pre-Registration Ahead of August 25th Launch

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If you like the idea of playing in a post-apocalyptic horror-infused world in your MMORPGs, Requiem is back. Gravity Interactive’s Requiem Online is opening up pre-registration ahead of the reboot’s launch on August 25th.

The game is a relaunch of Requiem: Memento Mori, which Gravity opened up back in 2008, and has some significant differences. You find yourself in a world known as Ethergia, after an event called the Thanatos Incident took place, unleashing monsters all over the world. So there’s where you come in, as your task is to be one of those fighting against the horrific creatures all over, and you need to work to push back and stop their invasion.

If you were a previous Requiem: Memento Mori player, you’ll definitely find something new this time around too, as Gravity has made some changes to content and included a PvP overhaul as well. This PvP overhaul affects both the types of PvP options available and the way you’ll be able to participate in them. Gone is the game’s world PvP in exchange for PvP modes that range from 10v10 battlegrounds to large-scale 50v50 fights. PvP-focused classes have also been reworked, with new skills and abilities that give flexibility for PvE play as well. These shifts look to make it easier to go deeper into PvE content and to organize PvP.

Class reworks aren’t limited to making sure that once PvP-focused classes can be viable in PvE, since some other classes also got new and updated skills and sometimes new ultimates.

Those interested can pre-register before the August 25th launch for bonuses to get started. These include 24 hours of VIP game time, rental mounts, a Memento Mori ornament, and starter gear. 

For more info on the relaunch, including all pre-registration rewards and details, head over to Requiem Online.


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