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Hop Away on a New Spring Cottontail Mount as Albion Online Begins Rites of Spring

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Spring is here and Albion Online is celebrating in the ways that Albion can, with an event and a special new mount, the Spring Cottontail. 

Rites of Spring is running from now through April 26th at 10 a.m. UTC. The returning event has a couple of new components, as well as returning ones. You can find  colored eggs hidden throughout the world. Trade gold and Surprise Eggs for a variety of items like the Bunny Stalker armor, chocolate bars, the Eggsecutioner vanity weapon, and the Egg-Shaped Chest Furniture item. 

This year, there is a new Spring Treasure Chest, which you’ll be able to find in the open world. In addition, the treasure chest appearance rate in the open-world has been significantly increased. You’ll be able to find treasure chests throughout the world but the Spring Treasure Chest has a chance to contain both new and returning spring items. Spot these out on the map and be prepared to try and loot them once the three-minute protection period after they spawn is up. Of course, be aware of any potential competition ready to swoop in and steal your opportunity. 

The highlight of this year’s event is, as usual for Albion Online, the new mount. The Spring Cottontail is a rare, fast Tier 8 mount with the special Hop ability. Other major differences about this mount is it can be found, raised, and ridden without needing Destiny Board unlocks. This means that any player, even new players, are eligible to go hopping on their Spring Cottontail once they obtain it. This mount is also fully tradable at all growth stages. So if you don't get one during the event, you might be able to find a willing seller later.

Head over to Albion Online for full details on the Rites of Spring event.


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