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Hood: Outlaws & Legends PC Update Adds Support For Left-Handed Players, Provides Details Based On Feedback

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Hood: Outlaws & Legends have brought their PvEvP brand of heist gameplay to console and PC, and since releasing fully yesterday, the team at Sumo Digital have already started to lay out some of the updates coming to the game. Today, an update was pushed to PC which saw the team help out our left-handed friends by allowing support to map movement to the arrow keys.

Today, Hood: Outlaws & Legends saw a small update brought to the PC game, which aims to fix some of the long, long matchmaking times players have dealt with since it first went live back on May 7th. In addition to this, one of the key updates was simply making the heist game eaiser to play for left-handed folks.

Before, as Hood developer Sumo Digital points out, arrow keys were also bound to camera movement. Now, though, the team has made it possible for players to use them to move their characters, giving left-handed players a new lease on the heist gameplay on offer. Matchmaking has also been a sticking point since release. According to the dev team, they've addressed some bugs which was causing matchmaking to take ages - or simply fail altogether.

On launch day the team took a moment to thank fans for hopping into their version of Robin Hood, while also taking a second to address some feedback and updates the team has in the works on PC. One of the major sticking points is the 62 fps cap on PC, meaning many players are simply not able to take full advantage of their hardware when playing Hood. 

"We know some of you would like to remove the 62 FPS cap on PC. This request is clear to us, and we're currently checking the amount of work required to do that. We know it seems like a small tweak, but removing the cap actually causes a lot of technical issues in the game, and we have to evaluate the impact of this change on our production pipeline before committing to anything on that front."

The team also addressed South American and Oceanic server regions players are requesting, citing that right now matchmaking is done per region, and if creating those servers results in lower populations for that region, it could mean even longer queue times. The team essentially states they are prioritizing "smooth matchmaking" over "perfect ping," though they do seem open to changes should they be requested enough.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends released on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, as well as on console on Monday, bringing the PvEvP heist gameplay based on the old tales of Robin Hood. We'll have our full review on Friday.


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