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Honkai: Star Rail 2.3, 'Farewell Penacony', Bringing New Story, New Stellaron Hunter Firefly, and More June 19th

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Honkai: Star Rail’s 2.3 update,  "Farewell Penacony", is coming June 19th, adding new 5-star Stellaron Hunter, Firefly, new quests, a new Simulated Universe update, new minigame and more.

The new story quests will address the aftermath of the suddenly ended Charmony Festival and the damage to the Family’s reputation. Most of the other lineages are preparing to respond, and the Express Crew will go aboard the Radiant Feldspar. Once you're aboard, you'll also get a chance to experience “Divergent Universe” the latest update for Simulated Universe. This new addition is conducted by Mr. Screwllum And you can try out additions like Arithmetic Mapping, which will remove character download limitations, Equation, which will combine buffs from two different paths to grant a new ability, and more to try out and enjoy a new experience within.

The latest new playable character is named Firefly. She is a member of the Stellaron Hunters, hailing from the planet Glamoth, which was a prosperous empire, later destroyed by the Swarm. Firefly herself is a 5-star fire type and can use her unique armor, SAM, a mechanical armor she was encased in during her development. She was created to be a weapon, and the genetic modification and impact on her to find meaning led her to the Hunters. She can summon her armor, which transforms into two battle forms to lend her a range of skills. Her Ultimate  sends the armor into Complete Combustion state, which is different when you see it because it is presented as from a perspective within the mech.  when it's used, see how she sets things on fire.

The update will also add more characters, both new and returning, and also some new minigames, including Origami Birds on the Radiant Feldspar, along with the Origami Clash event, which will open challenges with players from all over.


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