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Holiday MMO Takeover - Part 2

Neilie Johnson Posted:
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There's far too much holiday cheer to fit into one news item so prepare for a jolly barrage!

Runescape's Winter of Content: Runescape 's "Festive Cheer" event sets the holiday mood by sending players to talk to Santa Claus, then having them cooperate in building a giant "Christmas cracker" (It's a British thing - an exploding tube generally containing a lame gift). If that's not exciting enough for you, then maybe Snowverload, the new snow man boss monster will float your boat. No? Then grab a snowboard and hit the slopes.

SOE's in the holiday spirit: The entire online Sony family is getting festive as DC Universe Online, Dragon's Prophet, EverQuest, EverQuest II and Planetside 2 all celebrate in their own unique ways.


  • DC Universe Online:, Larfleeze and his Orange Lantern Corp minions are on the move - beat them and earn some new surprises.


  • Dragon's Prophet: The Silver Dragon Festival is beset by goblins and giants  who are stealing the holiday gifts. Use the Great Dragons' "snow gift of light" to defeat these these hooligans with snowballs and snowmen. 


  • EverQuest: Frostfell is back with a slew of new quests that reward players with new holiday themed bounties. Visit Santug Cluagg from December 24-26 for special gifts, and check out the Frostfell-themed home furnishings in the Marketplace.


  • EverQuest II:  Frostfell Wonderland Village is back, and players can enjoy new craftables, daily presents and a new quest - "The Great Candy Cane Chase."


  • Planetside 2: The Snowmen are back in Esamir and players can earn some extra XP by using them for target practice. They can also earn the "Snowblower" title, cert points and more, for finishing the Auraximas directives. Also, players who purchase at least six pieces of the special holiday camo in the marketplace before December 25th will receive a unique bonus camo.



Games outside the Sony family are also hanging up the mistletoe--or "missile-toe" as the case may be...


F.E.A.R. Online, possibly the most festive game on earth, celebrates peace on Earth, good will toward men with the new Armored Front mode. This domination-style match lets players use mechs, vehicle turrets, rocket launchers, and stun chaff grenades to capture control points. Oh, and while you're at it, why not take part in fthe "Twelve Nights of Christmas" event? It's good for some free login rewards, and maybe even a set of wearable reindeer antlers.







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