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Hogwarts Legacy Gives a Peek at The Dark Arts and Choices to Be Made; Preorders Opening Tomorrow

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In a world full of dangerous creatures, having access to some of the darker spells might theoretically save your life, some might reason. But these “unforgivable curses are so named for a reason,” as stated in the new Hogwarts Legacy trailer. The trailer, revealed at Gamescom, along with preorder details, gives another peek into the upcoming game, this time from a darker magic perspective.

In the new trailer, “Sebastian Sallow’s Dark Legacy”, we get to see one of the optional companion questlines in the upcoming RPG. Following Sebastian Sallow, He talks about the legacy of Salazar Slytherin and flirts with the appeal of the power that some of these darker spells can give you, including a justification as to how they can be used against some of the more dangerous magical creatures (and more?). 

The trailer includes battles against spiders and skeletons and even a giant troll. We get to see some of the darker locations and elements that you have an option to engage with when the game is released. This optional companion quest, should you choose to take it, will follow Sebastian and give you the chance to investigate the Sallow family's story and mystery and even make some decisions of your own on whether you want to potentially dabble in, or go full-on into, the Dark Arts.

At Gamescom, the team also revealed that pre-orders will go live tomorrow, August 25th and there will be several different versions available. Standard, Deluxe, and the Collector’s Edition (which has all the other goods and a physical magic wand collectible item). All preorders will get access to a special Onyx Hippogriff mount, and the Deluxe edition will throw in three days of Early Access and a Dark Arts pack, including another mount, cosmetics, and access to the Dark Arts Battle Arena. Clearly, announcing preorders along with a Dark Arts-focused trailer makes sense. 

Hogwarts Legacy will be released on February 10th on Playstation, Xbox, and PC, with a Nintendo Switch date to be revealed.


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