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Hogwarts Legacy Delayed Again, Now Coming in February 2023

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Another game getting pushed into 2023 is Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming RPG inspired by the Harry Potter series. The new release date, moved from “holiday 2022” is now February 10th on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, with a Nintendo Switch date to be revealed.

The game has been moved back for the usual reasons of a need for more development time and polish. Hogwarts Legacy is being made by Avalanche Software and published by Portkey Games, and there have been some gameplay reveals and general info released on the game, but the date announcement is the first solid date that has been announced for the RPG. As posted to the game’s official social channels, the delay notice said:

“The team is excited for you to play, but we need a little more time to deliver the best possible game experience.”

As delays go, this isn’t even too far down the line from “holiday” on most of its platforms, Prospective witches and wizards can create a character to explore an open-world Hogwarts, train their characters in all things magic, explore, and take on quests and challenges. The game takes place in a new era separate from other Harry Potter and Wizarding World materials, the Goblin rebellion of 1890 though the team does promise secrets to uncover and a villain named Ranrok threatening the fate of the world, so maybe there’s something familiar in it after all.

Of note, this isn’t the first time that Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed. Originally announced in 2020, the release was supposed to happen in 2021, but early last year, the game was then moved into 2022. Of course, now it won’t make 2022 either, but at least the date we have now seems like a delay decision made with enough confidence in the project to set a specific date instead of a target window.

For more on the game, head to Hogwarts Legacy. 


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