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Hitman Developer IO Interactive Reportedly Working On Fantasy IP For Xbox

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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It looks like the developer of the much-lauded Hitman series is looking ahead to new adventures. Multiple reports have come down stating that IO Interactive is currently working on a fantasy-themed IP for Xbox.

The report has come down from Windows Central and was corroborated by Eurogamer's own sources that the Hitman dev is already starting work on a new IP. This new game will be "AAA in scope" and set in a medieval-esque world. Oh, and there be dragons.

While obviously not much is known about the IP at the time, one of the more interesting tidbits from the report is that it's being worked on for Xbox. Whether this ultimately means Xbox exclusive or simply released under the Xbox Game Studios team is unclear. 

This news isn't exactly, well, new, as Eurogamer points out that IO Interactive's Hakan Abrak spoke about a third IP in the works during GamesIndustry.biz Live's Online Keynote.

It's also interesting to note that this news comes after we've already been made aware of another game in the works by the Hitman team - Project 007

Both Eurogamer and Windows Central are reporting that this title is "years away," so it's likely something we won't see until even after Project 007 is realized. However, fresh off the success of the Hitman trilogy, IO Interactive seems to be headed in the right direction.


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