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Hit the Ground Running with Anarchy Online's Progression Server Starting Today

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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It's official! The first Anarchy Online progression server is now live. Called Rubi-Ka 2019 (or simply RK2019), the server was switched on today. The handy FAQ provides a few nuggets of information including the fact that RK2019 is Funcom's "unique take on a fresh-start experience. Subscribers are invited to start anew with a pure experience - no expansions, lower level caps, and an untouched economy to begin!"

Other factoids:

  • subscription to Anarchy Online required to play on RK2019
  • free accounts can only play on the current AO server
  • all characters must be brand new - no transfers
  • no name reservations
  • the plan is for RK2019 to run for 12 months, though that may change near the end
  • RK2019 characters will revert to the main AO servers when it closes
  • a limited item store will be available
  • expansions will be added over time as will gradual level cap increases
  • "We are not reverting any code, systems, or balance changes with the new server. Existing mechanics and systems such as damage caps, falling damage, XP loss, Improvement Point (IP) menu, profession balance, PvP, etc. will not be reverted from how they currently are."
  • GMI will be brought online at a later date

Read more on the Anarchy Online site.


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