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Hit a New Level Cap, Enjoy New Beastforms, And Meet the Lemurs in the Wizard101 Lemuria Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Wizard101's new update, Lemuria, is out and adds new quest content, and the lemur-filled world of Lemuria. The major update also raises the level cap, updates the quest journal, and adds new PvP updates and Beastmoon rewards. The stolen lands of Lemuria, the quest to even find it in the first place, and lots more changes come to to Wizard101 with this major update. 

There’s danger and a new threat in your adventure to find the mysterious Lemuria, but this update also raises the level cap to 150. All of the new content should help you get there. Each school gets new spells themed for the Lemuria update after you complete the Lemuria main quest.

Other elements in the update include an improved, more organized quest journal. However, if you like the current one, you have an option to keep using it. Adventure parties also get updates, including party chat, and new tools for the party owner to help keep things friendly. You can also join an adventure party with a character that is less than level 30 if one of your existing characters is at least level 30. 

There are also PVP updates. You can toggle PVP rank off so you can hide it from other players when they inspect your wizard, except for immediately after a PvP match. There’s also a no PVP Enchant setting.. This will apply to specific spells to bring the burst damage down to encourage using a variety of other spells. A similar toggle is in the works for PVE as well. 

There are five new Beastforms for Beastmoon events, and new Beastmoon rewards. This update introduces the Balance Rat Thief, Ice Minotaur, Life Elf, Myth Wolf Warrior, and Storm Colossus. 

For more on the ton of updates and fixes in the rest of the Lemuria update, you can see all the details in the notes here at Wizard101.


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