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Historically-Inspired 4X Strategy Game Humankind Launches on Xbox and PlayStation Consoles

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Amplitude Studios’, turn-based 4x strategy game, Humankind, is out on consoles. The game is now out on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and is also on Xbox Gamepass.

There are two editions on console, both the Standard Edition and the Heritage Edition. The Heritage Edition includes two culture packs and an additional bonus.  On console, buyers will get the first two packs, Cultures of Africa and Cultures of Latin America, included.

The console port was handled by Aspyr, who worked with the Amplitude team to get things right on making the newest expansive release work on new platforms. The new release covers PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S. PlayStation 5 is also getting a physical release of the Heritage Edition on October 10th. 

To mark the console launch, Amplitude and Aspyr have a new console trailer that goes into their partnership to make these console releases of the strategy title possible. The team discusses how they approached a game where your goal is to create a new version of human history, creating your own culture and civilization and ushering that through development, and potential conflict and change.

To make the game work comfortably on consoles,  They had to rethink the menu heavy UI, since a strategy game like this is generally designed to be at home with a mouse and keyboard. when it comes to controllers, they had a few challenges. They streamlined a few  things by using shortcuts, and took advantage of the screen space on a TV to have a wider view of the world as well as all the necessary controls any player would be used to in this genre. 

On PC, the game has already received the Together We Rule expansion, and a number of other DLC releases. It will take some time to see if and when those additional packs will land on the new platforms.

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