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Historical Turn-Based Strategy Game 'Humankind' Is Available to Preorder

Releases April 2021

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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On the back of Humankind’s beta demo release onto Stadia yesterday, you can now preorder the game across various versions.

The game will be available across several storefronts as well, including Steam, Stadia, or Epic Games Store ahead of its April 2021 release date. The Digital Deluxe Edition appears 15% off, though it’s not clear for how long this discount will last. Here’s what’s included in the Digital Deluxe Edition of Humankind,

  • HUMANKIND™ Digital Game - HUMANKIND™ base game
  • In-Game Notre-Dame Pack
    • Notre-Dame Wonder – to be built in game
    • Notre-Dame Narrative Events - Adds Narrative Events themed around Wonders such as Notre-Dame
    • Victor Hugo Avatar Set - Adds Victor Hugo Set to customize your Avatar
    • "Inspirational" Avatar Personality - Adds the "Inspirational" Personality to customize your Avatar
  • Official Digital Soundtrack – All HUMANKIND™ tracks created by Arnaud Roy (previously known as FlybyNo) in .mp3 format
  • Unit & Tech Tree .pdf - An at-a-glance view of the full Unit & Tech Trees of the game

Preorder bonuses across platforms include:

  • Boudicca Avatar Set - Adds Boudicca Set to customize you Avatar
  • Player Profile Pre-Purchase Decoration - Adds an exclusive Decoration to customize your Player Profile
  • Player Profile Symbol Set - Adds 10 exclusive Symbols to customize your Player Profile


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