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Hints for a Happy Rebirth

Keith Cross Posted:
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IGG has posted tips for Myth War II players wishing to use the game's rebirth system effectively.

Rebirth in Myth War II Online(http://mw2.igg.com/main.php ) is only available to players of a high level, and when players are successfully reborn, they take their game play to a higher level. Today, the people from the Myth War Online Team are going to teach us how to be reborn, and not screw it up!

Like most MMOs, this game will give reborn players bonus attributes after rebirth. Reborn players can make changes to their attribute growth and resistance with new avatars to distinguish themselves from non-reborn players. Players who carefully prepare for the rebirth process will get even more bonus attributes, as well as the best attributes, growth and resistance. Let’s look at some examples of players being reborn the second time:

1. Level requirements:

Players must hit level 120 to be qualified to be reborn the second time. After players Level 120+ are reborn, they will receive 8 bonus attributes for each level above level 120. That is, when players with a level 124 character are reborn, they will receive 32 bonus attributes compared with somebody who is reborn at Level 120.

2. Skill requirements:

Players must have a mastery of all skills graded from I to IV and power these skills to hit level 85 to receive the most bonus attributes and the best bonus resistances.

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Keith Cross