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HiBy Announces New Flagship, 6-Driver Headphone

12 Balanced Armatures Total

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HifiGo has announced that their latest IEM (In-Ear Monitors), the HiBy Crystal 6, are now available for pre-order at an early bird price of $399.99 USD until March 25th. These multi-balanced armature drivers promise to deliver incredible sound and quality at a fraction of the size and power requirements of traditional dynamic drivers. 

Each ear-piece comes equipped with six multi-BA drivers. A Knoles low-frequency driver handles all of the low-end bass sounds, two custom-tuned 1006 BA drivers handle the mid-tones while a combination of one custom-tuned 30098 and two 31735 BA drivers produce all of the treble frequencies. Combined these drivers deliver to listeners a balanced, natural sound that pulls out the unique style of a wide variety of genres in the music industry. 

With so many drivers inside each ear-piece HiBy has worked hard to develop their Four-way Crossover System. The Four-way Crossover System is designed from the ground up to help dramatically reduce multi-driver distortion that can occur in this type of setup. Additionally, the drivers have been tuned to assure that there is no crossover in frequencies between the 6 individual drivers. All this works together to further reduce potential distortion

According to the site, each pair of HiBy Crystal 6 IEM’s are fine-tuned to produce a natural and balanced sound. This is achieved by using Panasonic thin-film capacitors for consistent signal transfer and is attached to a dual-layer gold-plated printed circuit board. These quality-level internal components help further reduce noise and signal loss.

The HiBy earpieces are custom molded using an epoxy-filled internal piece enclosed in German Nice-Fit UV cured enamel. This is all capped off with dyed wooden faceplates to give the whole IEM a unique textured look. The Crystal 6 also comes bundled with a 4.4mm Ohno Continuous Cast copper cable and a 3.5mm single-ended Silver Plated Copper cable. The Ohno Continuous Cast process helps refine any issues that arise when constructing cables while also reducing wear and tear that happens naturally over time.

In the box you’ll also find three unique sets of silicone ear tips. Each is designed to provide a slightly different wearing experience. Additionally, you’ll receive a pair of memory foam tips and a leather carrying case for all of these components. 

Be sure to head over to HiFiGo's blog for more details and to pre-order these premium IEM’s.


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