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Hi-Rez Studios Restructures, With Titan Forge and Evil Mojo To Continue Development and Publishing

A number of layoffs accompanies the change.

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Hi Rez Studios has announced restructuring and a number of layoffs, “to better organize and focus the business around its top priorities and establish a better corporate framework for future growth”. 

This means several companies are being folded into one another, and Hi-Rez is changing its focus overall. 

The company will be known as Hi-Rez Ventures going forward, with founder Erez Goren as CEO, as announced on LinkedIn. There will be three business units that will operate independently. Titan Forge Games, developer of Smite, Evil Mojo Games, the team behind Paladins, and Rally Here Interactive. The latter is a new company, created this year by former Hi-Rez CEO Stewart Chisam.

Titan Forge, “will focus on the SMITE IP, including SMITE and a new unannounced project set firmly in the SMITE universe. Divine Knockout, the brawler set in the SMITE universe, will continue to operate, with Titan Forge responsible for the maintenance of that game”.

Evil Mojo will focus on Paladins, and “Realm Royale and Rogue Company will continue to operate, with Evil Mojo responsible for the maintenance of those games”.

Rally Here “will provide software-as-a-service solutions for game developers building cross-platform live-service games”. This third company will continue to power Titan Forge and Evil Mojo live service games.

What this means for the rest of the studios’ portfolio means that Hi-Rez will no longer be running as a publisher. Games will be published by Titan Forge or Evil Mojo. First Watch Games will be folded into Evil Mojo and RedBeard Games studio will be folded into Titan Forge.

Overall, there is an undisclosed number of layoffs with these changes and restructuring. This is the latest round of layoffs and restructuring, including downsized teams, and companies closing in the games industry. 

It does seem that games like Smite and Paladins are still relatively strong if the company’s decision to build the new venture around them is any indication.


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