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Hi-Rez Outlines State of Conquest in New Blog Post

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Smite developers, Hi-Rez Studios, have outlined the State of Conquest along with moving forward into 2020 in their latest community post.

The post begins by outlining several stats for Conquest including:

  • Conquest is the most played game mode in SMITE when sorted by actual “in-game play time.”
  • Conquest is the 3rd most played most when sorted by “unique players”, with Joust at #1 and Arena at #2
  • This means that Conquest is played by a slightly smaller pool of total people, but those people tend to play SMITE more than those who play other modes.

The post continues by looking back on Update 6.1, which brought about features such as Totem of Ku and Primal Fury and Oni Fury. The team concluded this by saying they feel these changes and QoL improvements provided a strong start to the season.

The post then continues listing Conquest Season 7 Changes, including:

  • Invade meta
  • Jungle Role and Mid Role feeling less impactful than other roles
  • Duo Lane not at all resembling the Support/ADC Duo Lane
  • Solo Laners can’t solo kill each other
  • New Consumable: Hand of the gods
  • New Starter Relic: Vision Shard
  • New Objective: Jungle Shrine
  • Yellow Buff spawns earlier
  • Mid Harpy pathing and XP Camp Changes
  • New XP Camp near Duo Lane
  • Purple Buff spawns earlier (same time as Yellow)
  • Health Pots will no longer stack with Health Chalice
  • More Balance changes including
    • The effects that all 4 jungle buffs have on players are being slightly adjusted
    • Jungle camps are getting a 10-20% increase in health and protections
    • XP Splitting change from 20% to 25%
    • Totem of Ku Rewards will be slightly adjusted
    • Blessing Adjustments
    • Gold/XP Adjustments

Check out the full post here.


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