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Hey Guess What? After 5 Years in Alpha, DayZ is Finally in Beta Testing on PC

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Five years after starting the DayZ alpha phase, the game has finally entered its beta phase of development. Bohemia Interactive made the announcement via a new developer v-log that mentions what the team will be working on over the coming months. Most notably, Bohemia is focused on released 1.0 by the end of 2018.

New and improving features coming to DayZ include:

So what are some of the BETA highlights?

  • Major engine changes
  • Improvements to game and network performance
  • Introduction of base building
  • Massively improved implementation of vehicles
  • More elaborate AI for infected and animals
  • Major map rework to make Chernarus more beautiful and detailed
  • Ability to run your own servers
  • Modding Support

For now, the price of entry remains the same: $35 during BETA, though it remains unclear if that price point will remain after the release of 1.0.

Check out the v-log below and then head off to the DayZ site to read more.


Suzie Ford

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