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Hero's Oath Update Now Live

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The TERA site has been updated with the news that the Hero's Oath update has been deployed. It brings new dungeon running opportunities to players at level 65, complete with new rewards and the chance to complete the content on both normal and Hard difficulties.

Hero’s Oath also introduces plenty of new gear for players to chase, adding in a new tier of armor for players called Heroic Oath. Fully enchanted Stormcry gear can now be upgraded to a shiny new set of Heroic Oath gear with a performance boost to match its style. Future updates will add the ability to enchant the new Heroic Oath gear as even more difficult content is released. Players can hunt for a new mask in Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard) as well, as bosses will have a chance to drop a new mask with combat stats to match the new tier of armor.

A new monthly Level-Up event has started for those players choosing to start a new Gunner character. Along the journey to 65, players will be gifted special rewards at certain benchmark levels. 

Learn more on the TERA site.


Suzie Ford

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