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Heroic Games Details Its Philosophy on What Makes an Alpha or Beta Test?

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Ship of Heroes site has been updated with a new blog post to lay out Heroic Games' philosophy about alpha and beta testing. For its purposes, Ship of Heroes entered "alpha" when the character creator test was conducted. The second event was earlier this year when the team escorted players and media through combat testing. Soon, a third event will take place later this summer. Finally, a fourth alpha will be coming to try out the raid system.

From there, the team has plans to sail into open beta events. So...what IS a beta in the eyes of Heroic?

For our team, a Beta is when players get to test the game prototype, or at least one aspect or feature, in a form that the dev team thinks is pretty close to what they’re going to launch with.  Of course, a Beta can blow up or fail so that significant re-work is required before launch.  A Beta that only includes one or two elements, like a character creator or an environment, is not a Beta of the full game, though even a full Beta does not have to be 100% feature-complete; if it were, the game would be launched.  In our case, for example, our first full Beta will probably not have a working auction house.

Want to know more? Head over to the Ship of Heroes site to check out the full post.


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