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Heroes of the Storm Production Manager Updates the Community About Forthcoming Development

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Heroes of the Storm Production Manager Kaeo Milker has posted a new thread on the official forums to inform the community about forthcoming development of the game. Most notable, he indicates that the "next few months will unfold much like we'd originally planned" and that the game's 85th hero would be announced and arriving on the PTR in early January. He goes on to say that, while the team is smaller, it's "functional" and can make "the features and content we want".

Milker goes on to say that the main discussion at the moment is the "right cadence" for game updates and patches including:

  • Finalizing the Hero Role overhaul
  • Timing for rolling out the Ranked Play consolidation and improvements we discussed at BlizzCon
  • Bringing back the ability to directly purchase individual skins with Gems
  • Adding the ability to get more content like skins and mounts with Gold

He announces an imminent game update that will make changes to matchmaking in Quick Match's queue times and "the division spread used for matching high-level players in Ranked Mode". 

 As we move into the new year, please be valiant with us as we take some time to evaluate our new approach to all the exciting things we want to do. And as always, please share your thoughts on what you would like to see in 2019 while letting us know how we can continue improving this game that we all love.

Interestingly, Milker also announced that the currently ongoing event, the Most Amazingest Board Game, is going to continue into February "to give everyone more chances to play". 

Check out the full letter and the community reaction on the Heroes of the Storm site.


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