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Heroes of the Storm Getting an Awesome Looking Fall of King's Crest Event

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We already knew that the Heroes of the Storm team was working to revamp the Garden of Terror map, the "home" of the Nexus character "Lady of Thorns". The team has now announced a new event called Fall of King's Crest that features the Lady of Thorns as she fights off the Raven Lord and his "sinister generals", characters that will have specially themed skins included in the event as well.

  • Whitemane - Witch of the Hollow
  • Maiev - The Spider Warden
  • Zarya - The Phantom Knight
  • Alexstrasza - Aspect of Undeath

During the Fall of King's Crest event, players will be able to earn new mounts, pets, portraits and more as they participate in the provided quests. 

The event kicks off on September 24th. The third comic in the ongoing HotS series will also be released soon.

Learn more on the Heroes of the Storm site.


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