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Here's Your First Look at Faction Ranks and Elite Mounts in Albion Online

Coming to Call to Arms update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Albion Online has shared new information for faction ranks and elite mounts as part of the next major update, Call to Arms.

This update is set to bring a rework of the whole Faction Warfare system. This includes things like the faction screen which displays the existing faction ranks. It also gives you a look at which factions provide which rewards when you join. It also displays your faction campaign and your faction rank.

Once you enlist in a faction, you can then join in their campaigns and rank up. Rank effectively measures your loyalty in addition to your contribution to that faction. Also discussed were elite mounts. You can earn these by earning points through your faction. Stats to these faction mounts have seen a boost overall.

For example, here are the abilities for the Lymhurst Elite Boar:

  • Regular ability: dash forward, damaging unmounted enemies and knocking them backwards
  • Faction ability – Boar Vitality: dismount and give allies a large healing area of effect

Check out the full update here.


Poorna Shankar