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Here's What's Planned for Future Neverwinter Content

Blood War tweaks and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Neverwinter team has provided a quick update on what their plans are for the future of the game.

The team touches on the Blood War, specifically mentioning that Blood War will change from a platform-wide to an instance-based mechanic. This will now be similar to Heroic Encounters. Additionally, the meter max time to competition will be reduced. The team is also working to fix a bug preventing Garyx/Mog from spawning correctly. Finally, waypoint volume will be adjusted.

The team also touched on treasure maps,

  • Drop rate for treasure maps will be increased.
  • Maps will drop from minion rank.
  • There will be an increased chance of getting the weapons when rolling for gear.

Rage of Bel was discussed as well, with the Dented Rod drop rate increasing. As for when these changes will go live, we don’t have a date yet, but the team says these changes will arrive “very soon.” You can check out the full update on Neverwinter’s future content right here.


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