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Here's What's New in Sea of Thieves' Haunted Shores

New voyages, commendations, more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Release notes for Sea of Thieves newest content update, called Haunted Shores, have been shared, pointing to some new additions.

The whole theme behind this content update is the undead, with Captain Flameheart having figured out a way to connect the normal world with the Sea of the Damned. As a result, a host of ghost ships have surfaced.

Speaking of ghost ships, their contracts should be considered dangerous since they attack with an arsenal that is not of this world. Take care to avoid the phantom cannonballs and the wraith cannonballs.

Additionally, it looks like the Order of Souls will offer permanent voyages if you’re rank 25 or higher and you specifically want to find these ghost ships. New commendations are also on hand tracking your progress against these ghost ships. You’ll be able to earn ghost captain sails and burning blade sails.

Additionally, new events are on hand. You can check out the official events hub for the details, but it looks like Ashen Expeditions and Shark Hunt are available. The Fort Nights event has been retired. The Pirate Emporium and Black Market have had updates as well including new outfits, a new emote, and inky kraken equipment.

A host of gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and other updates are also part of this content drop. You can check out the full notes here.


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