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Here's What's Happening in Star Citizen This Week

Annual Ship Showdown contest returns

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Star Citizen’s latest community schedule has been published. Here’s what’s on the docket this week.

Today, Tuesday, the Narrative Team is set to finish their long-running Lost Squad: Before the Fall series. If you haven’t been following the story so far, you can catch up with the whole thing, starting with Act 1.

Wednesday will see the team answering community questions surrounding their recently released Esperia Talon. On Thursday, Ship Showdown returns. This is the annual multi-phase competition meant to figure out just who has the best ship in the universe. Phase 1 will begin with the team challenging the community to champion their vessel however they best see fit,

“You can do this however you see fit – bake a cake, snap a screenshot, paint a portrait, write a song, or anything else you can think of! We’ve got a lot of fun additions this year that we think you’ll like, ranging from sweet new prizes to a Free Fly in the latter half of the competition. Stay tuned, because more information is coming your way later this week!”

Thursday will also see Star Citizen Live. Finally, Friday will cap off with a Roadmap Roundup. Speaking of roadmaps, the team finally published their roadmap for a roadmap for the long-gestating Squadron 42. Also, check out this recent Environment Art AMA.


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