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Here's What Happened in Ashes of Creation in January

Alpha One playtest coming soon

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ashes of Creation had a busy January. In case you missed it, here’s what happened last month as the team ramps to Alpha One open testing.

A recent live stream discussed the next playtest, new biomes, and more. You can catch our recap of the event here where you can also watch the live stream if you missed it. The team also hosted a discussion regarding log in rewards. Steven Sharif actually commented himself,

“Some people have less time to play for certain things, and everyone likes to collect things... a login reward is an opportunity to give casual players who may only play a few hours a week something to work towards in addition to their in-game efforts. but thats just my opinion, and thats why it will be cool to hear everyone's thoughts on it[.]”

 As a quick reminder, the Alpha One playtest for February is scheduled from February 19 – 22 and is for all Bravers and Intrepid Pack Holders. The next test will be in March for all Alpha One testers and official content creators. Finally, the open Alpha One will take place from April 6 – May 6 giving you one full month.


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