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Here's What Happened for Ashes of Creation in September

Live streams and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ashes of Creation had a busy September. Here’s what happened.

In case you missed it, the team shared a newsletter recapping their month stating,

“The team here at Intrepid Studios has been creating, testing, and polishing the systems and classes you’ll experience as we continue to prepare for Alpha One late this year! And in just a few days, our Creative Director’s Letter will also be hitting your inbox, so you’ll definitely want to check out all the awesome information contained within.”

This past month, the team showed off some 4K footage of the Aquatic Mounts in their pre-alpha live stream. You can catch that article here. The stream shared that a lot of water-based content is planned like raid bosses, underwater dungeons, and more. if you missed that footage, check it out below:

more recently, the Glorious Gourd Contest has returned and is running almost all month long. You can participate for your chance to win an AMD Sapphire 5700XT. All the details you need to know are right here.

Several dev discussions were shared as well, for example, the team wanted to know what moments in MMOs broke your immersion. In fact, several of you chimed in for that as well.


Poorna Shankar