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Here's What Happened During the Ashes of Creation Live Stream

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Intrepid Studios held their most recent live stream for Ashes of Creation just this past Friday. If you happened to miss it, here are the highlights.

The stream took place last Friday, May 28, at 11a PDT over on the official Twitch channel. As usual with every stream, several updates from the team were provided in addition to a Q&A segment. However, this was the first stream since the announcement of Lead Gameplay Designer Jeff Bard’s departure. Jeff is pursuing his passion in the VR space. If you missed that announcement, you can catch up here.

In fact, Jeff’s departure was one of the items discussed on the stream. Additionally, Alpha One tests are underway nearly every Wednesday. If you recall, the broader Alpha One playtest was delayed into July. However, if you’re currently in the smaller tests, the verbal NDA has been lifted even though the visual NDA is still in place.

Additionally, it seems the content creator program is now live. However, given the immense popularity of sign-ups, a secondary program is under consideration. The team also showed off large scale castle siege content. Specifically, the team showed the content running on a GTX 1080, and it looked like it ran fine for being an alpha. The team noted their intent to scale this to 250v250 battles.

A Q&A session followed touching on ability to repair siege equipment (yes), to diminishing returns on CC (yes, but added in later). Death penalties were also asked about. It seems like when you’re killed multiple times, there will be an EXP debt in place where more and more EXP is “fined.” However, this will be refined through testing.

You can check out the full unofficial transcript here.


Poorna Shankar