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Here's the Latest Roadmap Roundup from Star Citizen

Bunch of additions to Alph 3.12 column

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Star Citizen recently released their latest roadmap roundup with some items being added to Alpha 3.12.

In total, it looks like seven new cards have been added to 3.12. These cards appear to mostly contain improvements to Stanton’s security. These cards include AI Fire Mode Usage and Targeting Priorities, AI Intercepting Torpedoes, AI Accuracy Convergence, Capital Ship Combat Behavior Improvements, Capital Ships, Turrets, and Torpedoes VFX/SFX Improvements, Counter Measures v1.1, and Torpedo Attack, Counter-Balance, and Behavior.

The latest roadmap also saw several changes including the following:

  • Gemini A03 Sniper Rifle (Behring) | The name of this card has been corrected.
  • Law System v2: Surrender | Having reviewed the progress made on this feature during the quarter, we have decided to remove it from the Roadmap for the time being, as more work on Visual & Audio Feedback is needed.
  • Grin Multi-Tool Tractor Beam Attachment | Moved the card to the “Gameplay” section, as that’s the focus rather than the attachment itself.
  • Mercury Star Runner | Moved into Polishing.


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