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Here's How the Effigy Incubator Works in RuneScape's Latest Update

Plus penguins

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you like penguins and you like RuneScape, well, you’re in luck. New penguin challenges and an Effigy Incubator have been added to the game.

Specifically, a Hide and Seek challenge for penguins will see you seek out and find members of the KGP (Killer Gentoo Penguins) who have infiltrated Gielinor. Note that if you participate in this improved Distraction and Diversion, you’ll be able to gain new rewards including the Sheldon the Baby Penguin pet, new titles, and a penguin tracking device.

If you’re not familiar with a Distraction and Diversion by the way, these are basically minigames for when players want a break from the game’s everyday cycle of quests, combat and skilling.

Additionally, if you completed the Desperate Measures quest, you’ll be able partake in a new advanced Distraction and Diversion dubbed the Effigy Incubator. It’s described as a frenzied, time-based mini-quest that gives windfalls of XP every month, but also pumps out best-in-slot urns. You can use these urns while you’re simply out and about in the world.

Note that effigies have existed in the game since June 2010, and successful adventurers will discover Kerapac’s secret lab to make their own, while revealing intriguing new dragonkin lore. You can check out full details here.


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