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Here's How Star Citizen's FPS Weapons Are Created

An hour of polygons

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In an hour-long video, the Star Citizen team showed off how they create the FPS weapons for the persistent universe and Squadron 42.

The stream featured Jake Taylor, Cory Bamford and David Sibbe from our Weapons Content Team as they showed off these weapons and process behind their creation. The crew largely looked at a specific shotgun and a recently revealed sniper rifle.

The creation behind these weapons is, as expected, quite complex. The team first start with a detailed polygon render of the weapon. This super-high detailed model is then adjusted to retain the essence of the design, but use fewer polygons. This tweaking is done for performance budget reasons, but the final model must ultimately still look good when observed closely.

The stream also discussed some of the tech behind the creation of these weapons. Lasting about an hour, the live stream doesn’t necessarily share any new information regarding game updates and development updates. For more on the community’s frustration on the lack of information on Squadron 42, check out our coverage here. If you want to watch the weapon creation live stream, check it out below.


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