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Here's How Neverwinter Sharandar's Campaigns Will Work

Out with the old, in with the new

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The folks behind Neverwinter shared additional information on the recently announced Sharandar module to the D&D RPG, set to arrive on February 9.

If you missed the original announcement and teaser trailer, you can catch up here. Sharandar itself will consist of three updates total. Each update is meant to bring a new campaign. These campaigns will differ than the campaigns you’re used to in that tasks will look like those from the Redeemed Citadel event.

You’ll need an item level of 40,000 to start in the new zones for the campaigns. That being said, the old campaign and zones will be going away. Boons from these old campaigns, however, will still be included in this new campaign,

“If you received the first two boons from old Sharandar, but not the 3rd-5th, then the first two boon tasks in the new Sharandar will award 1 boon point and the third, fourth and fifth tasks will award 2 boon points.”


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