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Here's How Crafting Works In New World

A Look At Crafting In Aeternum

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New World recently dropped some new information about how crafting will work in its upcoming survival MMO. While previously they talked about the items you can find in New World, this latest devblog details how you can make your own equipment to survive in Aeternum.

Equipment will use a gear score that scales with your ability as you learn to craft. New World detailed the example of an Iron Sword being crafted, starting with a base gear score of 200-210, however: 

 As your Weaponsmithing skill increases, this range will also increase and eventually, the minimum gear score of the crafted items will begin to raise as well.

This means that those higher tiered crafters will actually be able to create improved versions of lower-tiered weapons versus just the basic stuff. Amazon says you might even be able to create weapons in the lower-tier whose power rivals even higher-tiered items.

Crafted equipment also has a chance of gaining a perk during the process, as well as a socket for a gemstone to augment your item. In New World these events are random, though the blog post mentions steps you can take to "gain some control over the outcome." Based on the blog post, it looks like Azoth is one of those ways to do so as it can be used to "enhance your chances of getting an item with additional perks on it."

Like many other MMOs out there, you can also craft consumable items, such as healing tinctures and more. New World also makes note to mention crafted versus dropped items in the world, noting that just because an item is crafted or dropped doesn't mean it's going to give a clear path to victory - rather the team mentions that items will play a part, but overall skill and how much attention a player makes to their own builds will help win the day more. 

Finally, for those who love in-game housing, crafted furnishings can be created at a "low Furnishing level." This is to help those players who simply want to decorate their house but maybe aren't looking to be a master craftsperson. 

You can check out the full details in the blog post on the New World website. Previously, the team detailed how character progression works in Aeternum, as well as the items you will use in your adventure. 


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