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Here's How Blizzard is Making Leveling Alts More Flexible in Shadowlands

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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For those of you who enjoy leveling alts, good news, It appears Blizzard has heard you and have provided an update on how they want to provide a better experience for you when Shadowlands arrives in World of Warcraft on October 27.

Initially, the team had players arriving in Oribos and then choosing which of the four zones they want to tackle first. However, given player feedback, they’ve since tweaked this. For one, players didn’t like being forced to choose a Covenant right at the start. They wanted to test drive the abilities and then choose.

Additionally, Blizzard notes that even for players who were familiar with the story, it still felt odd for them to play through zones from other covenants when they were already a member of one.

To that end, next week’s build will see alts meeting Fatescribe upon arriving in Oribos. He’ll give players a choice between replaying the story arcs, or concluding their story and starting the journey following the events at the end of Revendreth’s story. As Blizzard notes,

“Characters choosing the latter option will enter the Shadowlands in a state where the entire narrative Campaign has already been completed, with new Bonus Objectives available in locations that were previously central to the Campaign.”

Blizzard notes that their goal here is to provide greater flexibility to those players who enjoy playing alts, while allowing them to strive toward the same end goals. You can read the full post here. While you’re here, check out Robin’s countdown to Shadowlands.


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