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Here's A Guide For What To Do Once You Hit Level 50 in Astellia

Farming, equipment, dungeons, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Are you looking for things to do after hitting level 50 in Astellia? Well, the community managers have created a guide.

First up, you can evolve a character, dubbed Advance Class. Additionally, you can prepare basic equipment, along with beginning Astel farming. The post outlines some priority equipment for max level, including +10 [Heroic] or +2-3 [Legendary] weapons and armor.

You can also obtain more [Tier 1 Enhancement Scroll] by completing quests. The guide also recommends some dungeon suggestions such as Growth 4 Player Rutless Den. Additionally, the Weekly Scattered God’s Fragment quest and Daily Clear Legendary Dungeon Quests are available and recommended.

The guide also touches on priority equipment after advancing, instanced dungeons, quests for after evolving, plus recommended hunting grounds after evolving. The guide continues, discussing what you can do after level 5 character advancement, citing some priority equipment, where you can farm treasures, recommended quests, and more.

You can read the full extensive guide right here.


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