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Here's a 360° View of Elder Scrolls Online's Castle Thorn

One of the dungeons arriving in DLC

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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You can get a sneak peak of Elder Scrolls Online’s Castle Thorn using a tool released by the team.

The official Twitter account shared earlier,

“Get a sneak peek of Castle Thorn, one of the four-person dungeons coming in our next DLC, right now”

You can check out a 360° view via Facebook here. This dungeon is set to release alongside their recently announced Stonethorn DLC. And in case you missed it, Zenimax Online Studios provided a preview of Update 27 earlier. These improvements touch on several different parts of the game, including persistent AOE improvements, set abilities, critical memory situations, physics implementation, trial performance, improvements to the database, and intermittent load screens.

The load screens issue is particularly of note because it tends to simply disrupt your play when you’re just in the world. To that end, the team has identified two potential areas of improvement,

“The first issue is a bug with streaming of scaled assets that are switching between LOD models and main models. This should go to the live servers with an upcoming U26 incremental. The second issue is regarding a bug that could cause the game to have much bigger physics streaming radius when a high view distance is selected, resulting in more loads than necessary. This fix will release with U27. We will be actively monitoring the live server metrics after U27 releases to determine if additional investigation and work is needed.”


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