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Here Is Your First Look at Markarth, ESO's Conclusion to the Dark Heart of Skyrim

Plus more events for later this year

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ZOS has revealed the final outing in their year-long Dark Heart of Skyrim for Elder Scrolls Online which began earlier this year and will conclude soon.

The major chapter release earlier this year was Greymoor which took us to western Skyrim. You can read our review right here. This new DLC will take us to Markarth, a city in the Reach region of Skyrim, located southwest of Solitude which featured prominently in Greymoor.

The new DLC will provide a new storyline which ties directly into the Dark Heart of Skyrim larger story. This new zone also brings a new solo arena. The release date is set for November 2 on PC and Mac, and November 10 for PS5 and Xbox One. If you’re an ESO Plus member, it’ll be available as part of that subscription. Additionally, the Prologue quest for Markarth is available for free right now in the Crown Store.

Moreover, a new event is set to begin next week called the Lost Treasure of Skyrim. You’ll be tasked with unlocking there tiers of collectible rewards which include new cosmetics, a new pet, a new house, and houseguests. You can unlock these rewards using the Antiquities system introduced earlier this year.

Additional events slated for the rest of the year include:

  • Lost Treasures of Skyrim (September 23-October 5)
  • Witches Festival (October 22-November 3)
  • Undaunted Celebration (November 25-December 12)
  • New Life Festival (December 21-January 2, 2021)

A #TamrielTogether promotion is slated for the end of the year as well. It’s set to include a new sweepstakes, a guild-based contest, and more. Additional details will be available at a later date.


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