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Here Are Your December Events for Star Wars The Old Republic

Plus the 9 year anniversary

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The December events for Star Wars The Old Republic have been announced. Here’s what’s in store.

The Pirate Incursion is currently underway through December 8. You’ll have to be level 20 or higher to take part. You know the drill at this point. Head over to Dantooine to fight back against the Nova Blade pirates.

The Rakghoul Resurgence is next running from December 15 through December 22. Requirements for this one will see you be at least level 25. Life Day also begins on December 15 but runs through January 5. You’ll need to be only level 10 or higher for this one.

The Nine Year Anniversary will start on December 15 as well and run through January 5, and has the same level 10 requirement. The nine year anniversary is on December 20 and the team wants to celebrate with the community. A bunch of rewards are planned for this including Faction-based fireworks, Commemorative Statues of HK-51, Valkorian, and Malgus, Senya Holo-statue, Fireworks Celebratory Backpack, Several Stronghold Decoration posters, Class Ship Stronghold Decorations, and much more.

The All Worlds Swoop Rally starts on December 22 through December 29 for level 20 players or higher. December events close out with another Pirate Incursion on December 29 running through January 5 for level 20 players or higher.


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