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Here Are the Passive Skill Trees in Path of Exile's Echoes of the Atlas Expansion

Several trees with a myriad of skills

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, Grinding Gear Gamesa announced their next Path of Exile expansion, dubbed Echoes of the Atlas. Passive Skill trees were revealed earlier releasing alongside the expansion.

If you missed our recap of the announcement, be sure to catch up here. New with the expansion are passive skill trees for each Atlas region. You’ll unlock these by battling various bosses in the Proving Ground.

There are several of these passive trees including Haewark Hamlet, Tirn’s End, Lex Proxima, Lex Ejoris, Glennach Cairns, New Vastir, Valdo’s Rest, and Lira Arthain. Each of these passive trees appear unique and contain various skills within.

For example, Haewark’s Hamlet includes various skills like Power Hungry, Bribery, Focussed Investigation, Intelligence Gathering, Per Diemon, Amplified, Controlled Corruption, Wild Fruit, The Grove’s Call, and Nature’s Favor.

Each of these skills provide a different perk or benefit. For example, Bribery will see Immortal Syndicate members in areas are 200% more likely to offer Bargain for items. Additionally, Immortal Syndicate members in areas drop two additional items when Bargained with for items.

You can check out the full list here.


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