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Here Are The Highlights of EVE Online's Second Battle of 319

Losses on both sides

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Second Battle of 319 took place over the weekend in EVE Online where yet another Keepstar was destroyed.

The folks over at INN chronicled the battle which saw the destruction of the Keepstar located in 319-3D by Imperium forces. This is actually the fourth Keepstar destroyed by Imperium since the beginning of this month.

The battle started with Imperium fleets arriving with just one minute ahead of vulnerability. TiDi (time dilation) at this point was running at 10% when the Keepstar became vulnerable. At this point, Imperium forces attacked. However, there was no Quantum Core installed in the Keepstar, preventing the process of onlining.

This raised questions of whether or not the Quantum Core could be inserted during TiDi, and if it was inserted, whether damage would be reset. Throughout this period, Imperium forces kept up the attack. They sustained the assault by warping in fleets, launching missiles, then warping away before they were targeted.

The Quantum Core for the Keepstar ended up being installed about 40 minutes into battle, which paused the timer countdown. Ultimately, the battle became a 10 hour slog, with the Keepstar finally detonating. Losses included the Keepstar on the PAPI side. Imperium lost 1.2 trillion ISK, with 7497 ships so-called “ammo-ed.” You can check out total losses here.


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