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Help Out the Zenith: The Last City Team Test its Patch Today and Get Two Referral Points for Your Time

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The next update for Zenith: The Last City is going to happen soon, and the Ramen VR team is inviting players to help them test the new update and push the tech to its limit. So if you’re a Zenith player that has some free time today, you can help the devs polish the coming update and score yourself referral points for your trouble if you spend at least 30 minutes on the PTR.

The Zenith PTR build is only available on PC via Steam and Oculus, and the test period will run from 12-2pm PDT today. 

Log into the testing build and meet the devs at the Nexus District to begin. Originally, the patch was supposed to be released today, but a load test this week uncovered some significant bugs, so now it's your chance to help the team polish things up ahead of next week’s new date.

The coming update is intended to provide some architectural upgrades that will support the future development and growth of Zenith. This will let them add additional interactive gameplay features, improve networking performance, and help the developers to build future content faster. Because of the importance of this update, helping them today will get you two referral points if you spend at least 30 minutes in the build during the testing period.

This patch will also be testing a new feature that will let some players copy their live character into the PTR. Everything that happens on the PTR will not affect your live game characters, but this should make it easier for players to test with a familiar character and get started much faster. The coming patch will roll this feature out to about 50% of the users at first, and more after testing.

For more on joining today’s test and referral points, see the announcement at Zenith: the Last City.


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