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Help a Cute Tiny Yeti in the Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration

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Final Fantasy XIV is currently dealing with the pains of the success of the recent release of Endwalker, but there is still time for a winter event for all players. If you are an existing player and able to log in to the game, it's now time for the Starlight Celebration.

The Starlight Celebration is on now and will run through the end of the month. You'll be able to take part and enjoy the seasonal event quest, “A Very Yeti Starlight” and help out a small Yeti named Rudy. Set out on an adventure with Rudy and Rissai the squirrel to try and help Rudy to say thank you to his rescuer and gain some confidence along the way. To take part, you'll have to be level 15 + and complete the seasonal quest  in its entirety during the event period. 

When you complete the quest, you'll be able to get some rewards like the  Wind-up Rudy and Rissai, the Squirrel Emperor, minions.Both are dressed in holiday fashion and will be cute additions. You'll also be able to get a new indoor furnishing item, the Starlight mobile.  Place it in your house and watch it slowly and gently spin in a relaxing, festive way.

It's been a very busy December for Final Fantasy XIV. because Endwalker was delayed into its December 7th release date, with Early Access coming days before, so that this holiday event  is happening at a very packed time on the servers. With Square Enix having halted sales of the game from its own site and partners, as well as suspending ads for the interim while demand is so high, it still should be a fun event to complete for those who are already registered players.

For all the details on the event and how to get started, see the official announcement here the Final Fantasy XIV.


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