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HELLOGANSS Launches HS75T RGB Mechanical Keyboards with Enthusiast Looks and Features

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MechKeys reached out to share the news that HELLOGANSS is back with another keyboard, and it’s out to impress with its looks and switches. The new HS75T RGB features an array of striking designs and includes two knobs for enhanced control over your media, RGB, and other programmable features. It also features Gateron’s new Baby Kangeroo switches, which you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

The new keyboard seems to take inspiration from popular, expensive, and elusive keycap sets within the enthusiast community. They’re eye-catching and stand apart from the masses of black, white, and gray keyboards dominating the gaming keyboard market. These keycaps are made of durable PBT plastic, so they’ll never shine or fade, which means they should last for a good long time to come.

Underneath those keycaps, the HS75T uses Gateron Baby Kangeroo switches. Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of these: they’re brand new. They’re a tactile switch and offer a bump you can feel more than hear – no clickies here. They’re also slightly heavier than classic Cherry MX Browns with a 59gf actuation force compared to Cherry’s 55gf. Travel distance is also slightly reduced at 3.4mm instead of 4mm. These switches should feel particularly snappy and responsive, and if Gateron’s recent history with switches indicates anything, they should be quite good.

The keyboard also an integrated joystick in addition to a traditional volume knob. The volume wheel lives in the upper right hand corner, but below the navigation cluster is a 5-way joystick. This can be used to control the RGB lighting or other features as programmed in the software.

As is becoming increasingly common in the pre-built world, the HS75T also features tri-mode connectivity. Apart from the standard USB Type-C connection, you can also connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless. Up to five devices can be connected at one time, which means you can seamlessly swap from gaming on your PC to typing on your laptop or smartphone with a simple button press.

The HELLOGANSS HS75T is available now at Mech Keys for $109.99.


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