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Hello Games Unveils Multiplayer Open World Fantasy Game 'Light No Fire' at The Game Awards 2023

Casey Bell Posted:
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Sean Murray of Hello Games took to the stage at The Game Awards 2023 to unveil Hello Games’ newest project, a multiplayer fantasy open-world game titled Light No Fire.

Hello Games has been cranking out free updates for its sci-fi open world game No Man’s Sky for years now, expanding the breadth and depth of the title and making good on promises to fans who were disappointed in the game’s launch state back in 2016. But now the 12 person team is ready to unveil its next project and it seems this time multiplayer is at the forefront of the game’s experience.

According to Murray, the team’s aim is to create a procedurally generated fantasy world as large as the actual Earth that players can explore together. All of the game’s players will share a single world not all too dissimilar from many MMOs we play today. Murray claims the game will combine the depth of an RPG with the freedom of a survival sandbox. To that end, the game will include features such as base building, exploration, dragon riding, and more.

Light No Fire is now available to wishlist on Steam.


Casey Bell