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Hellgates Rework Arrive in Albion Online as Part of Call to Arms Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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As part of the upcoming Call to Arms update arriving to Albion Online today, the Hellgate Rework is the latest feature outlined in a recent dev talk.

We previously reported on the Call to Arms update, along with the Loadouts System arriving as part of that release. The Hellgate Rework is meant to be a core Albion feature, as described in the dev talk. As the team notes, hellgates have been in the game since the early parts of the game’s life. They’re meant to showcase a difficult PvP experience featuring a high risk / high reward gameplay. To that end, the team have reworked the mechanic to bring some additional balance.

The rework includes making the PvE aspect of hellgates to be more “entertaining” featuring a larger mob variety. Additionally, you can expect greater variety the layout of the maps. These are meant to support and encourage different playstyles.

Also part of the rework is a matchmaking system and a new lava mechanic to introduce pressure and ensure that fights actually happen. Finally, there’s a new 10v10 hellgate mode meant for larger groups to duke it out for better rewards and loot.

The post also talks about infamy and IP caps. Infamy will be similar to Corrupted Dungeons, but there are separate ranks for the various modes. You’ll receive better loot depending on your infamy. You can catch the full post here.


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