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Helheim Has Arrived in Conqueror's Blade, With New Viking Units, Reworked Maps, and Strategies

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Conqueror’s Blade has a brand new season beginning today with the new Viking-inspired Helheim update. Season 12 begins and the update brings two new units, some reworked maps, and a new Battle Pass.

You probably have an image that comes to mind when you think about Vikings, and Conqueror’s Blade is probably going to just reinforce that. There are two new units this season, with the first one available today alongside the update. The Huskarls are 4-star personal guards of Harald the Slaughterer, and their presence here will give you some formidable warriors, and protectors, to command. They’ll benefit your other forces as well. 

“The longer their Skald’s Song is sung, the greater its effect on their movement, attack rate, and armour penetration is. Their unwavering loyalty knows no bounds, and its inspiration extends to their Northlander allies, who will also be bolstered by the Huskarls' dedication to their leaders.”

The other units coming in the season are the Varangian Guards. thes 5-star mercenaries will arrive on July 11th, and “these elite mercenaries aren’t short of riches, admiration, or anger issues. Unleash their rage mechanic to devastating effect”.

There are several reworked maps in this update, with one available today and two more to follow later in the season Today, you can play on Broch Eastray. Aurelian arrives on June 27th. And Heilund Fjord’s new form will be playable on July 18th. This map will have new weather, featuring sometimes heavy rain, along with thunder and lightning.

There’s a new Battle Pass with themed rewards to go along with the new Viking chapter. The free pass can earn you rewards like a weapons chest and the “Pour One Out” emote.. The premium pass will get you a Loki inspired Hero attire, and you'll be able to earn other goods like mounts, emotes, a Thor-inspired Hero attire and more.

For more on the Conqueror’s Blade Helheim update, see the announcement here.


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