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Helbreath Receiving New Server Called Apocalypse

Launches August 7

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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2D fantasy MMORPG Helbreath is set to receive a new server, called Apocalypse.

This server is intended for a different purpose than the original server. Apocalypse will remove the Beholder necklace and other such activation items. Additionally, only blacksmith, manufactured, hero, and dark knight items will be allowed.

Moreover, the top spell available for mages will be Meteor. The server will also see Absolute Magic Protection disabled. Monsters will be included of course, but will drop stat items for uniqueness. Additionally the Blizzard spell will be the only rare spell book to be dropped in Icebound.

Additional features removed or reduced includes experience which will be reduced, and Koness/Berserk weapons removed entirely. Here’s what else is different with the Apocalypse server:

  • MS30 wand and Demon Slayer will remain but rare
  • Crafted items such as DM/DF/MS items will remain.
  • Promiseland will only be available for level 1 – 100 combatants. Civilians will not be able to enter.
  • Mines/Crystals spawn points will be increased.

The Apocalypse server is set to launch for Helbreath on August 7 at 8p PST. You can see more details on the server here.

Thanks for the tip, Mark!


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