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Heist League Expected to Become Core Path of Exile

But wait till 3.13

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Heist, the current league for Path of Exile, will become part of the core experience in the future, according to a Community Team member post on Reddit.

The Grinding Gear Games community team member simply posted,

“We are expecting Heist to become core Path of Exile content but we recommend waiting until the 3.13 announcement on January 7th to find out the (relatively low) number of changes it will receive for its core implementation.”

The Heist Flashback Event is currently underway if you want to participate. You can check out more details here. January 15 will see the launch of 3.13 on PC, with the consoles seeing a launch on January 21. Here’s the schedule for upcoming key dates:

  • Jan 7 - 3.13 Announcement Livestream
  • Jan 11 - Heist Ends on PC
  • Jan 15 - 3.13 PC Launch
  • Jan 21 - 3.13 Console Launch


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